Welcome to My Blog

Well hello there! Fancy seeing you here…. okay, nothing about my life is “fancy,” but sometimes you just want to smile at the small things.

If you have read my biography then you are already aware that my name is Sara and my husband of 12+ years is an active duty Marine (Tommy, Jr.) We have four kids, Tommy, III aka T – 11, Sophia – 10, Mila – 7 and Jameson – 6. You may see me refer to my kids as kid 1, kid 2, etc. I promise I love them and know their names haha, but for the ease of everyone’s sanity sometimes it’s easier when I just say their birth order number. Now if that’s not enough to keep me going we also have 2 huskies; also known as kid 5 and kid 6 — Loki & Freyja.

You’re probably asking yourself how, why, where, what, when, etc. Ha, I’ll tell you right now I survive on caffeine, grace and a whole lot of prayer. There is no magical anecdote.

I started “Simply Sara Strong” to help others. I am not the perfectly put together, house spotless, marriage perfection, size 0 mama. I am human. I am a “normal” mom making “strong” choices. “Strong” can be physical, mental, health and more. My hope is that by posting blogs, I can help even 1 person smile, feel “normal,” give a breath of fresh air or more.

What can you expect from me on this blog? Transparency. I am a very transparent person in real life. I have zero qualms answering questions or further discussing topics if someone is interested. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, however, I do want to let you know that you can certainly ask any questions you like and I will answer them on the appropriate platforms.

While transparency is fun, that’s not the only thing you can expect. I will be discussing the following things throughout my blogs (note: if you have anything you would like me to address specifically please don’t hesitate to let me know.)

+Military Lifestyle
+Mental Health (adults & children)
+Wrestling (Girls & Boys – youth)
+Time Management
+Meal Planning
+Working Mom
+Stay at home Mom
+Self Development
+Corporate Life

The topic that I am most excited for is “Share STRONG Sundays.” This is one area I truly need your help! I would love for you to nominate yourself, or someone you know, for me to feature on the “Share STRONG Sundays” blogs. Remember, strong is a relative term. This can be anything from choosing to be strong and hold to waking yourself up early for some individual mom time before the kids wake up or it can be enrolling yourself in therapy to help hold your mental health accountable. These will be posted on Sundays and I will post them anonymously if you don’t want to have your information out there. Don’t forget, you may know a friend that is exhibiting strength by pushing self-development or other things! I can’t wait to see what y’all suggest!

Now that you have an idea of what my blog is all about, I look forward to interacting with you. Make sure you go follow me on IG at http://www.instagram.com/simplystrongsara and share my blog/IG with friends/family.

Have an awesome day and we will “chat” soon!

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