Midnight Making

Hi there! 

I have had quite a few people reach out and ask so I figured I should just address it here. 
Why start a blog? 

This is a great question. I’ve actually been told for 15-20 years to do writing of some sort and/or to share my life/family life story. I’m not entirely sure why, however, when I ask that question I get one of the below answers… and some others! 

+I can’t believe that actually happened

+Your family is hilarious

+You’re so raw and real with your kids

+Your family dynamic is a sitcom on it’s own

+You’ve been through a lot of things in your life and can help others

Really though, the question I should have been asking the entire time is WHY NOT!?

Oh I have a LIST of WHY NOT, trust me! However, I’m tired of not doing something I love. I’m tired of not feeling fulfilled or “complete.” To be honest, since I made the decision to start a blog, I’ve been more calm and excited then I have been in months! I mean, yes it’s 2020 and it’s not hard to get excited, but dude I just was at Disney over Thanksgiving, haha so SOME excitement has happened. 

So here I am. An open book. A blank page. A google search engine. A rolodex of scenarios. The good and the bad. The great and the awful. 

The perfectly imperfect. 

*Please know that I will keep anything you say confidential and will not pass judgment. I am always here and you can reach out via FB, IG or subscribe to my blog. If something is weighing on your heart that you would like me to write about then feel free to reach out!*
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