Meal Plan Masters

Hi there! 

I’m so glad you are here and I truly hope this helps you in your daily routine. I have tried so many different ways that would help budget wise as well as planning and this is the one way that I continue to come back to every. single. time.

Now, before I get into the fun stuff, you should know that while I’m a chameleon in terms of learning skills I do have a soft spot for some old school read/write styles so you will learn that I utilize a lot of that across my life. Have no fear tech-savvy people, you can always do it on your iPhone or android or whatever tickles your fancy! 

1. Make a list of meals   

– Write down every single meal you know how to make 
    – Ask each person in your family for meal suggestions
    – Keep this list on your fridge or readily available for you to add onto it as needed/wanted

2. Designate meals to specific days for the pay period   

*Now, for us – being budget conscious and on one income, I only do one pay period at a time. This allows for me to easily break up my grocery shopping which I will release tips on how to grocery shop on a budget later on. 

    – Write down a meal per day (You can write down all 3 meals, lunch & supper or just supper — we do just supper.) 
    – Make your meal plan list based on yours (or your families) schedules. Kids have wrestling til 8pm on Monday?     Wrestling tournament an hour away on a Saturday? Crockpot CAROLS is what I would be singing on those days! 

3. Add/Remove meals based on agreement   

– Don’t get stuck in a rut! I rotate anywhere from 1-4 new recipes every month! We vote as a family if it makes it on the permanent meal rotation list! 

STRONG tip #1:

Schedule in those leftovers and pizza nights! Breakfast for dinner is always a huge hit at our house for the night’s mom is running behind! Dinner handled by someone else (spouse, baby sitter, grandparent, etc.) don’t worry in the slightest, if you combine the Meal Plan Masters with my grocery shopping style then you’ll be in great hands!! 

STRONG tip #2:

Do not feel strapped down to the specific meal listed for the specific day. If you shop for the entire pay period you can switch up your meals per day. For example, you have Chicken Alfredo slotted on Saturday, December 12th but there is a wrestling tournament so you want a crockpot friendly meal to ensure dinner is ready when you come home. You can switch Mom’s Pot Roast from Sunday, December 6th to Saturday, December 12th. The main things to remember are days in which you typically need to plan a crockpot meal/pull meat out night before to thaw AND ability to confidently say you have all the ingredients needed on hand to make the specific meal. Simply cross each meal off as it’s used. You’ll notice I have leftovers written 2 days in a row on my calendar. I’ve already used 2 leftovers days this month and we haven’t even come to the “designated date” for those on my meal plan. 

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