What’s for dinner?

Does anyone else hear this question and immediately cringe?! No?? Just me?? Okay, well I promised you transparency so yes, I do cringe when I hear this question as it’s usually asked right in the middle of me making breakfast for the kids, making sure my husband has all his stuff for work including his prepped meals AND trying to hustle my caffeine intake. 

They don’t ask this question EVERY day. In fact, I’m almost positive they have some alarm in their bodies that tells them “Mom didn’t wake up early for her alone time, release all chaos.” I got tired of wasting money on eating out due to poor preparation AND a military income doesn’t go but so far so my budget was tired of it also. 

I decided I was going to combat this by channeling my “strength” of the Type A and Capricorn in me. I opted to make a list of meals. I literally add onto it any time I try a new meal and the family likes it. This list stays on my fridge so that when I need to make my meal plan, grocery shop & determine ways to save I have quick and direct access to ideas. 

I typically will meal plan by pay period and I make sure to shop my pantry as well as maximize cash back apps. These are two areas that I’ll go further in depth later on. And yes, before you ask, leftovers is on the list of meals. Haha. Look, mama needs a break too sometimes! 

This isn’t some fancy system I have worked up or magical equation to save money, it’s just my normal, everyday routine. I’m a huge fan of working smarter, not harder. Or maybe I just am tired of working all together? Haha. Either way, this system has worked amazing for my family and it is easy for my kids and husband to follow also. If I’m down for the count (*GASP* No mom can ever be down for the count) the kids and the husband know what ingredients we have based on the meal plan posted on the fridge so the world doesn’t fall apart and everyone starves. 

Would you be interested in seeing my meal plan? Is this an area you’ve got some “strength” opportunities in? 
I will say, I do try and make 1-4 things new that we haven’t had before and they only go on our meal list IF the entire family likes it. Now that’s not always the case, but it does help to grow my list as well as to ease my decision process. 

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