Minimalist v. Purge

Minimalist… It sounds so official and proper.

This seems to be a “newer” trend these days with everyone cleaning out their homes during quarantine, etc. My military families call this a “PCS.” Most military families adopt an “if it hasn’t been used in 6 months get rid of it” policy due to the frequent moves and variation of housing, etc. Reality is both are beneficial.

I would love to say that I watched a documentary (or two) that inspired me to downsize. That would be a lie. I DID watch them, however, I think I may have cleaned out my cabinets and my dresser/closet then lost all hope. You know, 4 kids, wrestling practices 6 days/week, 2 huskies that chew through chicken wire to get out and a husband who’s gone working a lot can do that to a girl. 

This weekend I had a breakthrough (note: breakdown, but hey… glass half full ya?) I decided a few things. 

1. I never want a house this big again (don’t buy your house online without seeing it. Yes, you read that right… don’t worry I’ll tackle that subject in the future) 

2. No one is ever home (6 days/week is wrestling practice and despite the kids being hybrid for COVID, no one is ever home long enough to “clean up” because they’re busy doing school/wrestling, etc.) 

3. I have way too much crap.

4. My older two keep their rooms clean because I got rid of majority of their stuff. 

I decided that my “minimalism” would be dubbed “THE PURGE.” Trust me, I’m being as dramatic as it sounds. The Perez Purge just has a much more realistic sound to it when discussing my reality.

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No place is safe (except the garage because I promised the husband I would let him be here for it.)

I would love to show you some before pictures and then have some beautiful rustic, farmhouse aesthetic home, however, my home is more like a barn. Lots of kids, lots of animals, lots of fur, etc. So just imagine my “empty island” as someone’s beautiful wood window pane decor. Or you can view my 9ft barn table with paint stains as someone’s pinterest perfect art/craft done with their children. Nothing wrong with homes like those (I truly want mine to be that way one day) but it’s just not realistic for this season of life we’re in.

How do I purge? Simple, pick a room and drag a trash bag with you and go through EVERYTHING!!! I’m not kidding, I threw away photos because I had 10 of the same photo, etc. Like why do I need 10 of them?? Also, I found stuff I had been looking for in my “every drawer in the kitchen is a junk drawer but 3 of them.” Furthermore, one drawer has enough hardware in it that I’m certain the moment I sit down in a chair or climb a step stool (yes, I said step-stool. yes, I’m 4’9.5″. yes, I had growth hormone deficiency. yes, I took growth hormone shots. yes, I have at least 1 child doing the same. yes, I will address this in the future. Can we move on now?) I will most certainly bottom out because all that hardware has to be from somewhere! 

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This all has to belong to SOMETHING right?! I’m not the only one with more than 1 junk drawer in the kitchen, am I?

In all reality, I do go room by room. I pull everything out and determine if it’s trash, donate, sell, keep. I then clean the room/area and organize it. So far I have done majority of the living room and kitchen. My big achievement was all the drawers yesterday in the kitchen. I started the day feeling overwhelmed but Sophia (kid 2) was quick to remind me that I should just meditate. Welcome to life with kids who’ve been in therapy about half their life. She said it so matter-of-fact like uhh what’s wrong with you? just meditate! haha. 

Anyways, my point is, you don’t have to get caught up in the “fairytale” of what minimalism is supposed to be like. You can lose your $h!t and just be done with the clutter and the constant cleaning. That can be your revelation. My house will not ever be Pinterest worthy; despite at least a few dozen failed Pinterest attempts. I’m learning to be “strong” about that and accept it. Everyone is tired of cleaning and the reality is, time DOES go by so fast that one day I WILL have that pristine Pinterest worthy home, but that’s not what I NEED right now.

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I have this on my iPhone as a widget so I can remind myself in high stress situations that it’s going to be okay.

I have no problem sharing photos of my before/after of reality in my home if you want something you can relate to. I don’t do parent shaming and yes you’ll likely see something that’s not organic in my pantry or fridge… like I said… it’s just not something that is needed in this season for my family and I. 

Give yourself some grace and choose your “strong.” Submit a request to “Share STRONG Sundays” with your first “PURGE” project. 

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