Simply Ashley K. Strong

Our Simply Strong Sunday’s are continuing and this week we are blessed to have such an amazing woman who nominated not just 1, but 6 different people!!

When I receive nominations for simply strong I love seeing what others notice and what inspires them. It’s crazy how our day-to-day can bog us down, but to someone else, we could be achieving great things and they’re looking to us for inspiration!

Sara W. is whom submitted the nominees. I’m going to list them one at a time so they can have their moment. Sara is a dear friend that I’ve had the privilege of ‘knowing’ for over a decade. I put it in quotations because I know her through an online community of military spouses.

Sara is a warrior and God-inspiring mother and wife. She let me know a few things she values and admires in Ashley K. as strengths and I have to agree with her list ‘knowing’ Ashley K. in the same manner.

“She motivates me as a woman, mom, friend and believer in Christ. She encourages me daily that I can be who I am because of all Christ has done for me. She has inspirational posts that touch my soul.”

Ashley K., you ma’am are amazing! Your strength and perseverance shines brightly amongst those who have the privilege of knowing you. Sara thank you so much for nominating so many amazing women and being a strong mother, wife, friend and believer in Christ. You are just as amazing and I’m so glad I ‘know’ you both!

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