Simply Amanda N. Strong

We have another nominee on this beautiful Sunday afternoon from our beloved Sara W. She has nominated another mutual friend of ours Mrs. Amanda N.

Sara writes “This woman is the epitome of the proverbs 31 woman. On top of all of the health issues their family has endured, her and her family’s faith has remained strong, never wavering. She is so raw and wears her heart on her sleeve. She makes homemade food constantly, sews, does so many diy projects, the list is endless. My heart is so full talking to her and the example she sets for me to better myself.”

Sara is not at all fabricating when it comes to the epitome of God’s love that Amanda exudes. She handles every aspect of her life with such poise and grace. I remember being a young mother and clinging to every private message she so graciously would bestow on me for tips on how to conquer motherhood.

She has such an impact on every single person she comes in contact with. She’s launched amazing fundraisers and is an adoptive mother. She’s gone above and beyond with her children that equally have the same love and passion for Christ as well as the ability to never lose sight of God’s will.

Amanda N. thank you for being such an inspiration to mothers and women around you. You are truly someone we can look up to and I am beyond elated that Sara W. nominated you! All our love!

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  1. I love this idea. I want to be a person how makes other people’s hearts full when I talk to them. Amanda seems like a great person to know.

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