Simply Diana K. Strong

Our newest nominee for Simply Strong Sunday’s comes from a mutual friend of ours, Sara W. She nominated Diana K., and I have to whole-heartedly agree.

I remember being a 20 year old kid who had just ran off and married my husband and was expecting our first child just 3 short months later. I was the epitome of “judgment” for practically EVERYONE. Honestly, if people are genuinely honest about their views 99% of people back then thought I was making huge mistakes and our relationship would never last. (That’s a story for a different day.)

Enter Diana. This lady seemed like the epitome of a put together mother, in my opinion. I’ve always gravitated towards ‘motherly’ personalities since my mom died when I was 14, probably cause it’s a void that can’t ever be filled.

Anyways, Diana was so open in virtually every aspect of her life, flaws and all. Somehow, when I couldn’t manage just 1 child, she could manage 3 or 4 and still be willing to offer me words of encouragement and strength. She may not know it, but I attribute her with so much of my parenting growth. She gave me great books, amazing prayers, the ‘okay’ for copious coffee intake and more.

When Sara said she wanted to nominate Diana it truly made me reflect and just remember how much Diana has impacted mine (and likely others) lives. Seriously, how often do you tell people that inspire you that they’ve inspired you? Imagine if we all told just 1 person a day, heck a week! I have a feeling that would radically change people’s moods towards the positive.

Diana is a world of knowledge and is the most amazing mother to 10 beautiful children then. She still is someone I look up to and is a ‘motherly’ figure in my mind always. Fun fact, I’ve never actually ‘met’ her in person, but we’ve ‘known each other’ for over a decade!

Sara W. explained, “She has inspired my parenting style. She lives the way God guides her. She is very real and totally let’s me know that it is ok to embrace the chaos of our lives. She has taught me that as long as I have coffee in one hand and a Bible in the other, I can accomplish anything.”

I have to agree ten-fold with Sara W. regarding the amazing Diana K. Thank you so much for sharing this nomination with us and we look forward to having more nominees soon!

Reach out to me, no matter how big or small the strong story, and I will gladly share your story of strength for someone you love.

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