Simply Tommy, Jr. Strong

Tommy, Jr. is my husband. Most may think it’s my son, but he’s indeed Tommy, III.

There’s a number of reasons that Tommy, Jr. could be nominated. He’s a leader in the United States Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant. He’s constantly looking for what he can do to help his Marines in every aspect of their life; family, education, work, fitness, mental and more. So that’s got to be why I’m nominating him, right?

Deployment. Perez Fireteam walking dad (their hero) to the flight line to say goodbye.


Okay, it’s got to be because he volunteers coaching Wrestling from ages 4 years old all the way to high school at TWO different clubs. He puts his heart and soul into each one of his athletes and never expects them to do something he won’t do. Trust me, I have proof! He was doing forward rolls today at the Reverence Opening. He may be ‘old’ in the Marine Corps but he’s not using the ‘old man’ status to dictate his life. So this HAS to be it, ya?

Training athletes in wrestling.


Alright, it’s probably his drive and determination to get past fears of education and working hard to obtain a bachelor’s degree via online full-time school. He’s never been a dumb kid, but he’s never been great at homework so school was way outside of his comfort zone. With a little push, and honestly probably a ton of nagging, he took the plunge with me and he’s not single-handedly running that torch to ensure he has his bachelor’s by the time he retires so his children can use his GI-Bill. So THIS, THIS is it!

Sorry, but no.

Fine, this is the one! He made the 1000lb club while being deployed in Bahrain! What’s not strong about 1000lbs? If this isn’t it, then I’m probably crazy, right?

Not crazy, but too close-minded.

See, what it is to be Tommy, Jr. strong is the innate ability to remain calm in virtually any situation (except a very select few.) He constantly views situations in a ‘How can I help?’ way and never a ‘What can I get’ way. That’s a double-edged sword as his wife honestly because I’ll see him fight for his junior marines on something but then turn and accept a similar hardship or situation.

This past year he’s really grown as a Marine, Coach, Student, Husband and Father. I’m glad I get to grow old with him and see him evolve into the best version of himself he can be. So everything you see listed above, that’s what Tommy, Jr. strong is.

He supports everyone he is around: Marine, child, athlete, peer, spouse, family member & more. I’m blessed to have been married to him for 13 years and I cannot wait to see what else is to come. In the next 5 years he will retire and will begin a new chapter. I’m so excited to be along for the ride and grateful to be his wife. ((All mushy stuff aside, we are NOWHERE NEAR a perfect marriage and have some crazy scars in our married life, however, we have fought hard for our marriage and we know it takes a lot of work.))

Homecoming November 2017

This may not have been the expected nominee. In fact, some may disagree with me choosing my husband when I have other nominations available. The thing is, I promised y’all raw and real. I promised y’all uncensored. Today, as I was meal prepping his breakfast and he was actively working on his homework after wrestling practice it hit me, I’m so big on shouting people out and he’s a person too.

So thank you, Tommy, Jr. for being the man you are, for being the friend, marine, mentor, coach, peer, husband and father. I hope our children see how much you sacrifice for them and how much you support them. I hope you realize it’s okay to know your worth and I see you making strides on that daily. I’m proud to know you sir, wife or not, you’re pretty freaking amazing.

Please contact me with any nominations you would like to make. You CAN nominate yourself and there’s no shoutout too big nor too small! For now, let’s thank Tommy, Jr. for his strong.

30 thoughts on “Simply Tommy, Jr. Strong

  1. You know what, reading this post makes my heart happy and I can see how much love and how proud you are of your husband in every accomplishment that he has.

  2. This is so lovely to read. As much as women want be valued, complimented, and appreciated, men want the same from us and honey your husband must be proud of you too. I’m taking note here 😆 so beautiful.

    • You are so kind! Yes girl we gotta shout out the wins for everyone! I pray we hit a point where we see more positive then negative in all relationships (friends, family, work, strangers, marriage etc)

  3. Awwww, such a sweet read. I love seeing people express gratitude and admiration for others in their lives. <3

    • Yes girl! and we can do it for complete strangers too! think about that mom who isn’t giving into the meltdown her 2 year old is having cause she got red gatorade instead of purple lol

  4. What an encouraging post. So often we forget to tell those closest to us how much they mean to us. And, we forget to tell them all the wonderful things they bring to our lives. Thank you for reminding me how important this is. Your family is beautiful!

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