Simply Janet Strong

Our nominee this week is a mutual friend of mine and the lovely lady who nominated her.


Sara writes “What an incredible example of a woman. She has embraced so many obstacles in her life that has pushed her forward. She is one of the most influential women I know.”

I feel so blessed to know Janet. She is so strong in her ability to grow her home business she started while her husband was an active duty marine. She’s now someone that people look up to in the and she has achieved many of her own goals. She is a member of the Facebook Business Council and the owner of KallieUSA.

Fun fact: Janet is actually the first person who truly asked me to speak out regarding my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that helped me to continue that vulnerable state of education for others.

If you have a second, definitely check out her business, KallieUSA, and see how her strength is changing the world around her.

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