Mommy Makeover Transparency

Mommy makeovers… who has heard of them? What do you count as a mommy makeover — cosmetic surgery, salon day, lifestyle? 

Personally, I am engaging in my own form of a mommy makeover. That means I am putting myself first and focusing on self-care so that I can be there for my kids and husband. I know that sounds all too simple to be true, but roll with me for a minute. 

But I don’t have time for self care

+ Yes, I have 4 kids.
+ Yes, they were (now they aren’t cause they’re in person) doing hybrid virtual learning.
+ Yes, our evenings and weekends are filled with wrestling.
+ Yes, we have therapy for SOMEONE in the house virtually almost daily each week. 

All sound like great reasons for me to bury my head and focus on grind with the pessimism so gracefully worn across my face that COVID has shared with me. Ironically enough, with my C-PTSD (Complex – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) I tend to function best in extreme crisis (think: finding my mother deceased, son broke femur while dad was deployed, moved house solo with 4 kids from Virginia to South Carolina while husband was deployed, etc. — don’t worry, I am sure I will elaborate on those stories soon enough!) 

What is the STRONG part of this?

I am glad you asked! I am choosing my STRONG on self-care. I make it a point to get a good night sleep with a ‘late night’ being deemed anytime after 930pm. I also make it a point to start my day calmly. This can vary on how I achieve this; if my husband’s able to get the kids on the bus so I can ‘sleep in‘ OR from me getting up early so I’m awake before the kids. This sounds brutal, and I assure you it was the first few days (so is potty training, nursing, body building, dieting, etc.) but I was ever so grateful for sticking it out. I am able to get up early and have that desired “ME” time without the stress of everyone else’s needs/wants weighing heavily on me. 

What’s Different?

I am making smarter choices when it comes to my food and working out. I have zero desire to live in a depressed “fat” state, but instead to show my children and others that with true and genuine hard work you CAN rise up from the ashes, you CAN achieve what you set your mind to, you CAN have physical health without risking mental health. Fun fact, I was smaller than I was in 5th grade in 2017. My mind was so sick that it sent my body into crisis mode. 
Have I gained weight? Yes! Am I excited about it? Nope, but I am darn proud that my mental health is doing SO much better and that now I’m able to carefully and effectively manage my food intake and exercise to ensure my physical health climbs back up. 

Full Transparency

At my lowest weight in 2017, to my highest this year is 100 lb difference. How crazy is it that I am more confident overall NOW than I was then?

Your mind is an amazing thing and deserves the most love and care. Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love. This resonates with me because far too often I see people saying “I’m an empath” and just accepting that they care too much about others. Well listen, girl (or bro), you need to get your happy butt up and empathize with yourself! Don’t wallow in it for days on end, but have yourself a little 2 year old tantrum about it for a moment or two. You’re allowed to feel. Then stand up and adjust your crown cause you’re fierce! 

What did I change?

Now I’m no where near some magical number, but I am feeling the best I have in YEARS.

+ I do not drink alcohol at all anymore (143 days sober.)

+ I choose to put my mental health first and have teletherapy weekly.

+ I work out anywhere from 4-7x/week.

+ I have worked on paying attention to what I put in my body and have added crucial vitamins, minerals, etc.

+ I have increased my water intake

+ I have Suja plant based juice as my ‘fun mom drinks’

+ I say no to tacos… ok, not really, but I’m sure it would be good if I did haha but that’s never going to happen! 

That’s great but HOW do you stay consistent?

+ I have a clear outline of goals each day (sometimes they’re as mundane as shower & wash my hair haha) so that I am not overwhelming myself but I am also being productive.

+ I make it a point to have intent when it comes to my friendships and checking in with those I love to ensure everyone is still feeling connected despite the lockdowns.

Mental health is no joke right now and it’s becoming ever so prevalent in our current status. Honestly, I think that’s why I’m so calm about it… 

I thrive in chaos. Not always the best character trait to look for in someone, but times like this, I’m able to shine my armor that I used to survive my upbringing. My therapist isn’t a fan unless I have some solid boundaries so we’ve been working on that a lot.

My Mommy Makeover is just that.. A FULL MOMMY MAKEOVER

I’m not solely focusing on cosmetic surgery (nor any at this time — gotta stay budget friendly,) but I AM focusing on my mental health, my relationships with others to include my kids, husband and friends.

I had a doctors appointment the other day. Normally, this would be a struggle point in my life but as you would have it COVID turned this lemon into lemonade and voila Telehealth (see: teletherapy is gold) appeared. I was able to review my bloodwork with my doctor and see that my weight has gone down, I am still losing inches and I am on a good trend to be an overall physically and healthier me.

I’m making a LIFESTYLE change, not a fad or diet

Have you been making subtle lifestyle changes to increase your overall life? Do you have an accountability group?

Remember, you need to give yourself some recognition. You deserve to say “I’m proud of me.” 
My doctor told me today that she is proud of me and how far I have come from the heartbreak that was occurring a few months ago. Ironically, it wasn’t that (the heartbreak a few months ago) that I was proud of…. I was proud that I told her “Thank you. I’m proud of me too! I’ve definitely worked hard.” Y’all… it felt… AMAZING! I was finally content; not looking for ANYONE’S approval but my own. I was focusing on ME not anyone else cause I wanted to pour from a full cup. 

Am I pre-baby weight? Nope. Am I physically the strongest i’ve ever been? Nope. Am I making the most money I ever have? Nope. 

I am…


+ I am mentally strong.
+ I am confident.
+ I am happy with my season of life despite the heartache the past few months.
+ I am grateful for some of that heartache as it prepared me to parent far better than I ever deemed imaginable.
+ I am no longer awkward when someone gives me a compliment. (Okay, so I’m still working on this one because my knee jerk reaction is sarcasm, but I’m doing a LOT better)
+ I am finally starting to see in the mirror the person that so many around me have said they see. 


Do you have any tips that you think would benefit myself or others that you don’t mind sharing? Leave a comment below! I’m currently focusing heavily on natural ways to decrease cholesterol as well as utilizing my iwatch as an accountability tool to close all my rings. (look, i said i would be transparent… so yes, i’m goal-oriented and it does give me sheer satisfaction to get all rings closed and I am disappointed if I don’t haha.) 

I would love to hear about your strengths and what you’ve been doing to improve yourself as a mother (or father!) Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog & share it with your friends and family via social media! Also, if you aren’t following me on IG yet make sure you jump over and follow so you can see the reality of my life!

Products/Programs I use currently: 
+Peloton App
+Peloton Bike
+No Coke/Soda/Pop 
+SUJA plant based drinks and shots
+4 kids
+2 huskies — are you still reading? hehe
+Increased water intake goal of 5 Venti Starbucks (yes this is a real form of measurement in my home, don’t judge me haha
+Supplements & Minerals & Vitamins (just started these so I’ll let you know once I get enough data together on these, I promise I’m being transparent with y’all)


I do not make any money off of sales regarding products/services above. These are my own personal opinions. I have reached out to some brands who have products I love and they did gift some to me. I have no code for you to use to get your products because I’m not trying to sell you anything. Yes, I know I am good at selling, it’s evident. However, my heart is in helping others, not sales. Having said that, I will always be transparent with my tribe and have no problem letting you know people/brands to contact for some of the stuff I use if desired.

7 thoughts on “Mommy Makeover Transparency

  1. Congratulations on being 143 days sober.
    Love that you are in a good place and are working on your own mental health.
    And we also measure everything in starbucks cups in my house lol so don’t even worry mama.

  2. I really appreciate that you mentioned mental health in the current climate. It is SO hard. I have started seeing a therapist for the first time in a decade – and that’s okay! Self care is so important, especially as a parent.

    • Yessss girl go on with your bad self!! I am so happy you sought out therapy! I go weekly and for real it’s a lifesaver! I was blessed to find my current therapist right at the start of Covid

  3. Sarah, thank you for sharing your journey with us. And congrats on 143 days sober and I’m already checking out the Suja juice and considering doing the 3 day cleanse 🙂

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