Simply Kim Strong; Domestic Violence Awareness

Who do you Nominate?

My sister. And I’ll tell you why.


She is a survivor of domestic violence with my nephew’s dad. She’s raised her son for the last 13 years on her own without child support. The dad is a well known drug dealer and gang member in LA. She stayed off of social media for 11 years to remain anonymous in case he tried to find them. The dad’s mom asked her today through her Facebook page if she can please meet her grandson. The dad’s mom played a part in covering up what was really happening to my sister in her home. She apologized in her letter to my sister and asked to see Presley (her son and my nephew). While sobbing, she asked Presley what he wants to do. He said he would like to meet her. So Kim (my sister) is allowing that to happen. She’s putting all of the pain trauma and hurt aside for her son. It’s the strongest act of love I’ve ever witnessed from a mom to her son. This guy beat her black and blue, she was told when she can eat.

Locked her in a basement, etc. The day she left was when he tried to punch her again and she was holding Presley and he missed and close fist punched his 6 month old by accident. So . She’s a strong woman for sure, and today just really solidified that for me.

Sara’s Notes

I am beyond grateful for ‘M’ sharing this story with me and letting me help bring awareness to a too common issue but rarely discussed topic. If you, or anyone you know, is dealing with domestic violence please reach out and get help. You, and no one, deserves that treatment.

Kim’s story is heartbreaking but also amazing showing the strength of a woman, a mother, a fighter and a forgiver! She is doing everything she can for her child(ren) regarding not just physical health, but mental and emotional health as well. All of the prayers to you and your family Kim, and thank you so much ‘M’ for sharing this with us!

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