Best Practices for Success in Life

There are 3 best practices for success in life. This can be applied specifically to individual situations or to life as a whole.

Who can benefit from these best practices?

The real question is who CANNOT benefit from these best practices!

I personally have used these best practices in multiple facets of my life between parenting, marriage, work, etc. I am excited to share them with you and hope they can bring some success to you as well.

My children all know these best practices and when they apply it to their wrestling or schooling it’s awesome to see and easy to gauge their thoughts. I encourage them to repeat these best practices and I will frequently ask them what they are. Ages 7 to 12 years old and they all can recite them to me. They use them as affirmations now.

1. Do Your Best

Far too often, we say the word “try.” This is easy to substitute for the word “can’t.” Remove both of those words entirely. I know if I gave 100% of myself to the task/situation at hand. I know if I didn’t give 100%. By giving 100% I am not allowing myself to take a lackadaisical approach. I am holding myself accountable. Self-accountability is just as important, if not more so, as having others hold us accountable. We should be practicing self-love and if we are pushing to better ourselves then part of that will come through with accountability.

2. Believe In Yourself

I know this seems like ‘common sense’ but you would be amazed at how many people don’t believe in themselves. I’m one of them! I can encourage and lift up others with no second-thoughts but it can take me hours, days, weeks, years, etc. to obtain that confidence in myself depending what the subject is. I work hard to not only say “I believe in you.” to others but to also ask “Do YOU believe in you?” because ultimately you are the only one who can truly dictate your confidence. That has to come from within.

3. Have Fun

Life is so much better when you’re having fun. Heck, I can have fun in moments where you would think fun is obsolete. I also love a good joke or some humor to help break overly stuffy situations. I truly believe that if you are having fun you will do better at what you’re doing then if you don’t have fun. That fun helps drive the passion and excitement for the task. If you lose the ‘fun’ you are risking a turnover where the task falls victim to apathy.

I hope this was a quick hit for your busy days and that this helps you to establish best practices for success in life. Share some of your success stories below!

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