My name is Sara.

Hey y’all! Welcome to my simply strong blog. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little about me and my family.

My name is Sara and I have been married to my active duty Marine husband, Tommy, for 12+ years. We have four kids — Tommy, III – 11, Sophia – 10, Mila – 7 and Jameson 6. Currently we call South Carolina “home” but as my military families know, that is a very loose term.  I’ve created this blog in combination with an Instagram to have an area that is relatable to others. My niche is in motherhood + military lifestyle + living on a budget + Mental Health Advocate + Growth Hormone Deficiency Advocate + Empowering others + wrestling mom. 

I am an avid lover of tacos, Starbucks, Target and Disney! 

Strong has many different meanings to me and to my family. There is strength in beauty, strength on the wrestling mat, strength in the military family lifestyle, strength in being the spouse of an Active Duty service member, strength in being a mom of 4 and so much more! 

I hope you’ll stay awhile and enjoy this ride called life with my family and I. I look forward to getting to know y’all and hope to offer a smile, a “oh me too!” or “yours does that also?” moment to each of you.