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Breaking the ‘Entitled’ Generation

You’ve heard it before, this current generation is entitled. They want things immediately as they’ve grown up with access to virtually anything due to enhanced technology. I’ve watched first-hand some graduate college expecting the best shift and more money compared to the baby boomer or Gen X that has no degree but has decades of […]

My Children Don’t Say Sorry

I’m sure you’re thinking, okay what somewhat reasonable person born and raised in the South, specifically in Texas, thinks that this is at ALL a good thing to teach your children. Like how would my daddy and mom, and my Paw Paw and Gram be okay with this character trait, or lack there of, that […]

Mommy Makeover Transparency

Mommy makeovers… who has heard of them? What do you count as a mommy makeover — cosmetic surgery, salon day, lifestyle?  Personally, I am engaging in my own form of a mommy makeover. That means I am putting myself first and focusing on self-care so that I can be there for my kids and husband. […]

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