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Who am I? If you had to tell the world who you are, or about yourself, in one word… What would you choose? Mother. Wife. Human. Sister. Friend. Aunt. Cousin. Niece. Granddaughter. Child. Survivor. Victim. Co-worker. Confidant. Inspiration. Failure. Successor. Believer. Pessimist. Optimist. Cheerleader. Athlete. Enemy. Villain. Liar. Cheater. Fighter. Advocate. Lone Wolf. Loser. Winner. […]

Best Practices for Success in Life

There are 3 best practices for success in life. This can be applied specifically to individual situations or to life as a whole. Who can benefit from these best practices? The real question is who CANNOT benefit from these best practices! I personally have used these best practices in multiple facets of my life between […]

Parenting with Social Media

Hello friends!  Obviously, I will be discussing parenting with social media. However, I first want y’all to know that these are my own opinions, values and beliefs. I do not claim to be perfect, but I can assure you I’m doing my best. The past 12+ years of being a mother there is one thing […]

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